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Dog Walker, Doggy Day Care & Pet Sitting In Manchester

Dogs need regular exercise to ensure they stay healthy and happy and many benefit from socialising with other dogs.  All dog walks last for an hour minimum, which does not include travel time, and can be solo or within a group.  Group walks are normally three to four dogs maximum to ensure they are safe, supervised appropriately and get the attention they deserve throughout the walk.

Walks will be tailored to your individual dog’s needs, whether that’s fast and frantic or slow and steady, however written consent is required for him or her to be walked off the lead.

When your dog is returned home, hopefully tired and content after a good run around, he or she will be towel dried and left settled with a replenished water bowl.  If you would like your dog to be showered or shampooed after a walk, this can be arranged at an additional cost.


I know from experience that both Rico the cat and Rudy the dog are much happier when cared for at home, both their physical and emotional health are less impacted by being able to stay in an environment they know like the back of their paws.

Whether you’re going on holiday, working away from home, or just require occasional assistance, during a home visit I will ensure your pet is provided with the love, care and attention it needs whilst your away.

Home visits last for thirty minutes and can be tailored to meet the needs of you and your pet.  Each visit includes feeding, refreshing water bowls, emptying litter trays and providing any fuss, attention or grooming, whatever your pet likes as I know they’re all different.  For added piece of mind, I can collect mail from the door mat, open/close curtains, turn lights on/off and water plants etc. any specific requirements can be discussed.

Having a new puppy is a very exciting addition to the family, but also comes with some worry and anxiety, particularly when it comes to leaving them on their own for the first few weeks.

The aim of the puppy visits is to help alleviate some of that stress by proving two visits during the day, lasting for a minimum of forty-five minutes each, when puppy will be fed if required, water bowl refreshed, any little accidents cleaned up and given the much-needed fuss and attention that puppies thrive on.  When vaccinated, visits can include short walks with a view to joining the big dog walks if required.

Currently I do not have any formal qualifications in dog training, but I am happy to reinforce your basic training with puppy, such as walk to heal, recall and learning to sit and stay.  Dog training is essential, not only to ensure your pet is safe whilst out and about, but also for building positive relationships between owner and pet.  However, busy schedules can make it difficult to commit to regular puppy training classes, but to help make sure your pooch doesn’t miss out I can arrange to take him or her to regular pre-book classes, or occasional classes as required.



Getting an appointment at the vets or groomers outside of normal working hours can be difficult, particularly if your pet needs regular appointments.  For a fixed fee, single or return trips can be pre-booked to the groomers, vets or any other local destination with or without pet owners.